Full-service editing from your includes analysis of documents and strict attention to detail to produce accurate and complete products. 

These services include both the obvious and the subtle aspects of sending your message, including the basic concepts of:


Grammar is more than just using the correct form of the words in the correct way. It's properly fitting the exact version of the word into the given situation while paying careful attention to syntax and structure.


While keeping true to the author’s style, editing may rearrange sentences to better convey the intended message. Your strives to avoid unnecessary word repetition and usage, while creating the proper message.

Word usage

Words have personalities. Some words may mean the same, but their connotations may be vastly different. Correct word usage is crucial in getting the proper idea across.

Marketing Awareness

The audience is an essential component to the proper document. A legal brief has a vastly different reader than does a short story. Correct word usage is crucial in getting the appropriate idea across. Your takes into account such concepts as:

  • What image do you want to get across?
  • What message do you really want to send?
  • Is the right amount of information being given for the document type?
  • How will the reader understand the messge?


Your is attentive to how a document looks best and edits to create that appearance. Some considerations include how many columns work best for a particular type of document or how much “white space” should be used. Sometimes it’s as basic as font size, color, and type.


The ease of adding, deleting, updating or altering any document is an important component to its usability. Even if your document has been previously printed and looks accurate, internal formatting errors can render it difficult to change in future versions. Your has fixed those issues to aid in future use of your documents.